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A book review: The Canterville Ghost (O. Wilde)

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This book is about an American family who moved to Canterville Chase, an old manor house which was haunted by the ghost of Lord Simon the Canterville. The ghost tried to frighten the family but they weren’t afraid of anything so the ghost failed every time. Only Virginia, Mr and Mrs Otis’ daughter, helped him.
One day Virginia met the ghost in his secret room, they spoke about his death, and Virginia decided to go to the Angel of Death to ask him if he could forgive the ghost. At the end the ghost died and the American family lived a normal and happy life.
I like this book very much because it’s sometimes humorous and sometimes frightening. I have loved ghost stories since I was a child and I think that this is very nice. But if I read them in the evening or at night I cannot sleep very well so I prefer reading them in the afternoon when there aren’t strange noises in the house.

A. Crotti 3L


I like The Canterville Ghost very much, because I love stories about ghosts with suspense.
In fact Oscar Wilde's book is about a ghost, who wanted to sleep in the Garden of Death, but he couldn't because he had murdered his wife three hundred years before.
The Angel of Death forgave the Ghost when Virginia, an American girl who lived in Canterville Chase with her family, prayed for him.

A. Rota 3L


The book I read is a ghost story and it is about an American family who buys a house in England but this house has been haunted for centuries!
I like this story because the people who read the The Canterville Ghost can be frightened  but they can also laugh because it’s a very funny story.
I also want to underline that the author  of this book, Oscar Wilde, is a genius and so I think it is important to read it.

A. Acquaroli 3L


The Canterville Ghost  is a humorous story. I like it when Mr Otis said to remove the bloodstain in the library and when Mrs Otis threw the bottle of "Rising Sun American Lubricator"  at the ghost to stop him making noise.
A sad moment is when the ghost tells Virginia his story; he wants to die because he hasn't slept for three hundred years. I love the end because I think it is romantic.

G. Bertocchi 3L


To read  The Canterville Ghost  was very interesting.
It’s an exiting story of horror with a haunted house, but it is very funny, too.
The Otis family is a very strange family and everyone will enjoy reading about it.
Oscar Wilde was a famous author of a lot of kind of stories, for adults or for children, funny or sad, but all stories are fantastic!

I. Palamini 3L

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